Disease Control

We offer curative applications of fungicides when diseases are present. We recommend consistent cultural practices to reduce the potential of diseases – meaning proper watering, proper feeding and proper maintenance. One of the more significant contributors to turf diseases is excessive soil compaction. Compacted soils retard or prevent the establishment of root growth into the existing soil. Turf is weakened as a result of soil water logging and increased thatch buildup. Annual core aeration is strongly recommended to aid in the management of the soil compaction. Excessive watering and inconsistent fertilization increases disease potential also. Our lawn technician will be on the lookout for any diseases that may need immediate attention.


  • The key to a disease-free lawn is consistent service and analysis.
  • Our lawn technician will check for the presence of diseases each visit.
  • Consistent cultural practices are key to preventing diseases: proper watering, proper feeding and controls, and proper maintenance.
  • An ounce of prevention is all you need to stop a disease problem in its tracks.

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