lawn care guide following LAWN CARE SERVICE

MORE ON our little Feet friendly lawn care approach

To us, “little feet friendly” lawn care means, less is more. Frequent service = less chemicals + better results. Just like the human body, when you live a consistently heathy lifestyle, you feel great, you look great and regular maintenance is easier. Your lawn needs food, water and proper maintenance to thrive. We apply the needed amount of nutrients each service – a spoon feeding approach versus overfeeding each visit when less visits are provided. Each visit includes nutrient rich, phosphorus free, dry granular fertilizer. Our fertilizer starts as 100% organic, raw material. The only inorganic part of what we apply is the polymer or “glue” that holds the kearnel together. You and your pets can use your lawn right away after fertilizer service. When it comes to weed control, we employ a spot treating approach. Each visit our team will search for crabgrass and other controllable grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds and spot treat them, spraying only those spots – all season long. Our October service visit is a nutrient rich application of organic pelletized gypsum which enhances and balances your soil and helps to loosen soil. We have found every time we have soil testing that gypsum was the first item on the list, which caused us to add it to the annual plan. We are proud that our little feet friendly approach gives our client’s the greenest lawn on the block! We also recommend annualy treating for grubs and other pesky lawn insects via our once a season lawn insecticide appllication. Finally, the best lawns are thick lawns! We recommend annual core aeration and when you see thin areas, adding seeding service will keep the lawn thick and healthy. FREE weed control service visits, lawn analysis and personalized tips are always available. We are here to partner with you! If you have any questions, simply contact us!


You and your pets can used your lawn immediately after our fertlilzer is applied. We always use a dry, granular product that is people and pet safe. 

We employ a spot treating process for weed control. If you want to know where our team has spot treated weeds, simply look for weeds and when you find them,  that is where we have treated. For best results, we recommend you allow weed controls to dry before you use your lawn. This typically takes 15-30 minutes depending on the weather and it will be apparent to the naked eye when you see wet areas.

Mowing Recommendations

Mowing height varies depending on the time of year and the weather. When it is cool (50°– 75°), you should be cutting at 2 1/2″-3″. When it is hotter (76° – 100°+), you should be cutting no less than 3″. The longer your grass is, the easier it can protect itself from drying out.

After fertilizer or insecticide applications, you can mow immediately – the granules will not be affected.

If weed controls were applied, please wait until dry before mowing (10-20 minutes) – time and date are on the invoice.

After core aeration, it is important to leave the plugs on the turf to decompose and break down. Do not rake them up, they are an important and valuable source of nutrients to your lawn. In most cases, the cores disappear in 2-3 weeks.

After overseeding service, continue mowing based on our normal mowing recommendations.

After “It’s a Miracle” seeding service, please stay off the seeded areas as much as possible. This allows your new grass to emerge undisturbed. Begin cutting once your new grass is tall enough to need cutting. At this point, mow based on our normal mowing recommendations. Please limit lawn activity while the new seed matures.

Watering Recommendations

Watering amounts vary greatly depending on your soil type and precipitation. Sandy soils require more frequent and shorter duration watering (every 2-3 days). Clay based soils can be watered for a longer duration less frequently (twice a week). As always, pay attention to your lawn’s appearance, if it needs more water you will know. Please note, overwatering causes disease. Please call us if you have any questions on proper watering techniques.

After fertilizer or insecticide applications, water based on normal watering recommendations – you do not need to “rush” to water. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you can wait for the next cycle to water.

If weed controls were applied, please wait until dry before watering. This usually only takes 10-20 minutes depending on temps and humidity.

After core aeration, the lawn surface is open to air and sunlight and can dry out quickly. Keep an eye on your lawn and if needed, add an extra round of water daily – do not just water longer.

After overseeding or our “It’s a Miracle seeding service, during the first 3-4 weeks it is vitally important to water 1-3 times per day to keep your soil moist. Only water 10-15 minutes per time, just enough to keep the seed in the ground moist.

If it rains, you may be able to skip watering until the next day. As always, you will know by checking at the soil if you need to adjust your watering.