General Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices listed do not include MN State Sales Tax. All lawn services are subject to MN State Sales Taxes.
  • A late payment fee of $10.00 or 1.5% per month (18% per year), whichever is greater, will be added to all balances that are unpaid after 30 days.
  • Service will not be performed on any property with an outstanding balance beyond 30 days.
  • Fuel Surcharge: $1.00/service (charged when fuel prices are above $4.00/gallon). When regular unleaded fuel exceeds $5.00/gallon, the fuel surcharge will be increased the difference. I.E. If regular unleaded fuel is $5.63/ gallon, the fuel surcharge will be $1.63/service.
  • Quality Seasons, Inc. will repair any damages to sod, landscaping, or any vertical structure that are caused by our team when our services(s) are being provided on your property (example: Damage to the house, garage door, mailbox, fence, etc.). If possible, our team will notify you immediately if damages occur. If you notice any damage, please contact us immediately.
  • Automatic Renewal. For your convenience, your service will be automatically renewed each year. We will contact you each year to review your service plan prior to beginning.
  • Easy Out Clause: Simply notify us to suspend service.
  • All sign-ups are subject to verification/on-site inspection.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Terms and Conditions:

  • Hourly rate for Spring Clean-up, Weekly & October Mowing, Edging Service and Fall Clean-up: $89.99/hour/person
  • Hourly rate for Shrub Trimming/Weeding & Bed Maintenance and Gutter Cleaning: $99.99/hour/person
  • Grass and Leaf Disposal Fee: $4.59 per 55 gal.
  • Woody Material Disposal Fee: $19.99 per 55 gal
  • Shrub Trimming/Weeding Debris Disposal Fee: $19.99 minimum
  • Storm Clean-up for Weekly Mowing clients: When storms create debris on the lawn or hard surfaces (branches, sticks, leaves, etc.), the hourly rate of $89.99/hour/person will apply for the extra time needed to complete the job above the normal rate quoted. This additional work will occur automatically.

Snow Plow Terms and Conditions:

  • Snow Plowing rates cover 6 Months each season (Oct. 15 – Apr. 15). Snowfalls outside of these dates are rare and will be billed on a per occurrence basis regardless of service plan and number of visits-to-date. Snow plowing before or after these dates is possible, but very rare.
  • Per-time Plan minimum of 12 visits and Unlimited Service totals are due upon sign-up.
  • Unlimited Plan service visits covers 6 months (Oct. 15 – Apr. 15).
  • No garage apron shoveling will be performed when driveway only is selected. This is completed when walk service is added.
  • Snow Plowing minimums are not refundable. No refunds are given for unused plowing minimums at the end of the season or when ending service. Snow plowing service visits can not be transferred to the next season.
  • Quality Seasons, Inc. retains no responsibility for any damage to your driveway surface from our snow plows or vehicles.
  • Quality Seasons, Inc. retains no responsibility for any damage to your driveway surface, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. due to use of ice melt products.
  • All sod damage due to snow plowing will be repaired using premium seed in April or May at no additional cost (weather permitting). Any sod damage due to ice melt products or harsh winter conditions can be repaired using our “It’s a Miracle” Seeding Service.
  • Roof Raking/Deck Shoveling Service: We use plastic shovels and or plastic or aluminum roof rakes. We are not responsible for damage to shingles or rubber membranes or decking material due to removing snow from roofs or decks. Our crews are trained not to chip or break ice away from your home. When ice is present, we recommend using a contractor that uses hot steaming to melt away ice. Our teams will simply remove the snow to expose any ice that needs to be addressed separately.
  • Snowfalls that are more than 4″ of snow at one time, will be billed a per-time rate for each 4″ increment. Example: if we receive 7″ of snow and only one visit was performed, it will count as two visits. If we clear 12″ of snow during one visit, it will count as 3 visits, etc. This is VERY rare.

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