Wood Mulch Topdressing

A fresh 2″-3″ layer of natural wood mulch is recommended every 1-2 years. This will protect your plants by helping them retain moisture and keep them cool, plus it helps to reduce weeds. Also, a fresh layer of natural mulch will showcase your landscape. We recommend that you maintain a 4″ layer of mulch for best results. We only use high quality mulch products available. See below to view the wood mulches we offer:

mulch-edge-grass_detail_150603 Western Red Cedar:
Harvested from the forests of the Northwest and Canada. This mulch is beautiful and has a wonderful aroma. Cedar naturally grays over time.
Pine Bark Mulch:
Our most popular mulch. Pine bark mulch has a rich, naturally dark brown color that does not fade. This mulch also resists weeds better than any other type of mulch.
layer_mulchimage_chocobrown_lg Dark Brown/Chocolate Colored Mulch
The consistent color makes this a popular choice. FYI: Unnatural Colored or dyed mulches are non-toxic, however they discolor unevenly and can initially leach their color onto hard surfaces and the feet of pets and children.

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  • We have always used the same mulch since we started our business in 1992; you can expect the same high quality look year after year.
  • To ensure your new mulch looks great as long as possible, we pull back the old mulch along the edges before we top dress the old mulch.
  • We let you know if we see any insect or disease problems present.
  • Mulch topdressing is recommended anytime, however topdressing in the fall-time is a nice way to cap off the season – just after fall cutbacks. This protects the plants and your landscape will look great immediately in the spring when the snow melts.