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Here are a few of the “Quality Seasons” snow plowing service features:

  • You will receive an email informing you when we’ll begin and when we’ll be done.
  • We limit the size of our routes to an 8 hours max giving you the fastest response available; especially in the toughest MN storms.
  • In blizzards (snowfalls over 4″), we aim to arrive no later than 7AM and/or 5PM to keep your driveway accessible. We will return as needed to keep you open and clean.
  • We will return automatically to re-open your entrance from city plowing – at no additional charge.
  • Our service covers you for the entire winter season – no gaps, surprises or need to request service.
  • 24/7 Customer Care. If you ever have a question or concern, simply call our owner Derek’s mobile phone – he’s ready to serve you.
  • We offer a 1″ snow trigger. We average 18 visits a season.

See what our clients are staying:

Here is our format:

Our service is designed to ensure 24-hour access to your driveway in any snowy condition.

Normal Conditions: (1″- 4″)

One visit. We will begin plowing when the storm has completely passed. Routes are limited in size so they can be completed within 8 hours.

Lingering Storms: If an under 4″ storm does not end within 24 hours of its onset, we will plow all clients. Once the storm passes, we measure any additional accumulation. If the remaining snow is over 1″, we will return again to plow your driveway. This format reduces ice build-up and snow compaction from traffic on your driveway during lengthy storms.

Blizzard Conditions: (4+”)

Multiple visits. We will begin plowing when snow accumulation exceeds 4″. We will arrive before 7:00 A.M. or before 5:00 P.M. (whichever is more applicable for the 4″ accumulation) and return when accumulations again exceed 4″ or when the storm has passed. This is the best format to ensure access to your driveway and reduce ice build-up and snow compaction from traffic on your driveway during blizzard conditions.

In the event that we are plowing during blizzard conditions or a lingering storm, we may partially shovel or skip sidewalks and steps to speed our arrival to all clients. We will return to clear the walks and steps when all clients’ driveways have been plowed.

City Plow Note: Our team keeps track of whether your drive was plowed before the city plowed your road. We will return automatically to re-open your entrance – at no additional charge.

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  • Our snow plowing Agreement runs for 6 months to cover the whole winter. (October 15 – April 15th. 6 months).
  • We email you each time we plow so you know what to expect.
  • We guarantee to plow all clients within 8 hours of the storm passing when snow accumulation is less than 4″.
  • We guarantee to plow all clients by 7:00 AM or 5:00 PM (whichever more applicable) when storms exceed 4″.
  • On major storms, we return as needed to ensure access.
  • We monitor if the city plow has been by or not and do not charge to re-open your driveway entrance nor require you to call us – we manage it for you at no extra charge.
  • Our team members are employed year round.
  • We automatically perform “quality checks” the day after major storms to ensure your driveway and walks are cleared completely.
  • Each time we plow we make sure your mailbox is accessible.
  • We stake the edges of all properties (in late November).
  • Quality Seasons will fix turf damage from our plows automatically in the spring. This is a complimentary service for active clients.

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