Snapshot Pre-emergent for Landscape Beds

Snapshot is a granular PRE-emergent weed prevention product for mulch and rock beds. Snapshot provides up to eight months of control of the most common broadleaf and grassy weeds; all without harming your existing plantings. An annual application is recommended to greatly reduce new weeds from forming.

NOTE: Snapshot does not kill existing weeds – it is a PRE-emergent. To remove existing weeds first, we offer Round-up POST-emergent applications (at no charge) in conjunction with our Shrub Trimming/Weeding & Bed Maintenance service.

Snapshot can be applied at any time of the growing season. Once you sign-up, we will apply each year in April or May. If you missed the spring timeline, it’s not too late – let’s get the next batch of new weeds blocked ASAP.

Rates: $111.00 or $55.50/1,000 sq. feet (whichever is greater)