Edging Service

This service is designed for those who mow themselves, but desire a manicured, finished look. This is not a clean-up service, but rather a detail of the needed trimming and edging. We then finish by blowing off all hard surfaces for a crisp and clean look.

We have two service options: Monthly (6 monthly visits: April – September) or you can specify which month(s) you prefer.

Most homes fall into our minimum charge of $39.50/visit, however hourly rates of $79.50/hour/person apply – whichever is greater.

NOTE: If your property has not been power edged in the last 6-12 months, there will most likely be a larger fee due to extra time to initially cut back the edge (hourly rates apply). Re-occurring visits should see no additional charge.


  • We also offer weekly or bi-monthly Edging Service.
  • We blow off all hard surfaces (including decks and patios) each visit whether there is grass on them or not.
  • Our team members are trained to trim carefully around trees, wood objects and other delicate obstructions.
  • Regularly trimming grass away from landscaped edges and areas mowers cannot reach contains the grass to the lawn area and reduces the need to weed.
  • Power edging puts a crisp finishing touch on each visit.