Spring Clean Up

Thoroughly rake lawn to remove leaves, sticks & dead grass. Cutback all dead material from perennials (no general shrub trimming). Clear debris from all landscaped areas and hard surfaces. Empty planters and ground level window boxes. Mow and trim. Power edge.

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  • To encourage healthier grass by the curb, we use power brooms to clear the sand and salt from your boulevard.
  • An annual and vigorous spring raking removes unnecessary dead grass that, if left alone, will build up and create a thick mat called thatch.
  • A thatch layer that reaches 3/4 — 1″ blocks water, nutrients and oxygen from reaching the roots and results in disease and potential death of the grass plant.
  • We do not put debris into bags, which is inefficient and costly. We simply vacuum your lawn and dump in our trucks.
  • All window wells and beds are blown free of debris.
  • Power edging puts a crisp finishing touch on your Spring Clean-up.
  • We will always take debris with us