Roof Raking & Deck Shoveling

Rate for Roof Raking and Deck Shoveling : $119.99/hour/person – job minimum is $239.98. Most jobs range in price from $239.98-$479.96. We apologize, due to varying conditions for each job, we do NOT provide estimates.

We will remove snow from the fascia along your roofline a minimum of 4′-6′ using plastic snow rakes.

We provide roof raking automatically or on call. 

NOTE: This service is only availible to current clients.


  • We recommend roof raking anytime there is more than 4″ of snow on your roof.
  • Regular roof raking ensures that ice dams will not form (assuming you have no air leaks).
  • Regular roof raking can cost the same as having one or two lengthy visits a year.
  • We take the neccesary steps to protect your shrubs from the falling snow as we rake your roof.

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