Fall Clean-up

Final clean-up of debris from lawn. Trim all areas that a mower cannot reach. Power edge all concrete edges. Blow debris from all landscaped areas, driveways, sidewalks, decks & patios.


  • If leaves sit on your lawn longer than seven days, much-needed oxygen is blocked from the grass below.
  • The more often leaves are pick up, the less time it takes each visit.
  • We cut the grass to 2.5″ during Fall Cleanup. This ensures that your lawn will not be matted down in the spring.
  • We do not put debris into bags, which is inefficient and costly. We simply vacuum your lawn and dump in our trucks.
  • All window wells and beds are blown free of debris.
  • Power edging puts a crisp finishing touch on your Fall Clean-up.
  • We will always take debris with us.