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At Quality Seasons we understand that your lawn’s appearance is important to you, but not at the expense of the environment. You can rest assured, Quality Seasons’ lawn technicians have both the environment and effective results in mind. Our “little feet friendly” techniques and products will enhance your lawn’s health while reducing the use of unnecessary products.

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Quality Seasons believes in taking the extra steps to make sure your lawn provides you the greatest enjoyment. Our attention to detail separates us from the rest. Our friendly, experienced lawn technicians undergo thorough training and are licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Agriculture. They are trained to care for your lawn using carefully developed service procedures, using “little feet friendly” methods and products that meet our strict quality standards and are custom designed for your lawn.

If you ever have a question or concern about your lawn, feel free to give us a call. We are committed to excellent customer care and your complete satisfaction.


Quality Seasons’ lawn analysis not only allows our lawn technicians to properly care for your lawn, but also allows you to become more knowledgeable of your lawn’s needs. We endeavor to work with our customers and become a team. As our lawn technicians care for your lawn, they use the following to gauge the lawn’s health and properly diagnose existing problems.

Your lawn’s color is directly related to its health. Light coloring may indicate a lack of nutrients. Your lawn technician will define the optimum color for your turf’s variety.

Thick, healthy turf safeguards against weeds and problem grasses.

If a disease affects your lawn, we will assist you in detecting the disease and determining the best measures for recovery.

Grass Variety
Your lawn technician will determine your lawn’s grass type to provide the best care for its needs.

We will determine if damaging insects, such as aphids, chinch bugs, sod webworms, or grubs, exist in your lawn for proper control.

A properly mowed lawn will reduce ripped grass blades, leaning grass, brown grass tips, diseases and insects. Your lawn technician will recommend the proper mowing height, procedures and watering for your lawn’s optimum health and appearance.

The many grass varieties have different sunlight preferences. Your lawn technician will help you to determine the variety that will grow best in your lawn.

Your soil is the foundation of your lawn. If your soil is not balanced, your lawn will not look it’s best. We may suggest a soil test to determine it’s condition, nutrient level, compaction and soil type. A soil sample will determine your lawn’s needs.

Thatch is the layer of living and dead leaves, stems and roots just above the soil. Unmanaged thatch can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems.

Proper watering is basic to your lawn’s health. We will recommend the most-appropriate quantity, timing and frequency of watering.

Weeds and Problem Grasses
Grasses that disrupt the appearance of your lawn are classified as weeds. Some grassy weeds can be reduced with proper service visits, while others are difficult to control. We will assist you in controlling these problem grasses.


  • We only use dry granular fertilizers.
  • We do not use phosphorus-based fertilizers.
  • We always blow stray fertilizer granules from the hard surfaces back onto the lawn to eliminate runoff into the sewers, streams and lakes.
  • We include informative lawn care tips, which allow you to team up with us to ensure better results.
  • We spot treat weeds, only spraying weed control where it is necessary.
  • We inspect your lawn for possible problem grasses.
  • We inspect your lawn for possible diseases.
  • We let you know when and how much to water.
  • We let you know what is the correct mowing height.
  • We remind you to sharpen your mower blade.
  • We even remind you to call us for a FREE re-visit if weeds persist.

“I was amazed at the results after you aerated and overseeded my lawn. In a few months it seemed as if I had a new lawn installed! I received many compliments. I’m sold!”

Steve & LeeAnn Pontius