Core Aeration

The healthiest lawns are aerated every year. Core aeration promotes root development, improved lawn thickness, reduces thatch, relieves soil compaction, and builds disease and drought resistance.


Your lawn is a lot like your body. If you get regular exercise, you stay healthier. Core aeration is to your lawn as exercise is to your body. That is why golf courses core aerate each year.

After core aeration results:

  • Immediately reduced soil compaction.
  • Allows much-needed oxygen, nutrients and water to reach the roots.
  • Thatch layer begins to decompose faster.
  • Encourages roots to move rapidly to the open areas, grow longer and sprout out more grass plants, which in turn thickens your lawn.

If your lawn needs overall thickening, we recommend overseeding right after core aeration.

It is a perfect time for the seed to find its way into the soil and grow. We consistently see excellent results with our customer’s lawns when they follow these extra steps.

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