Insect Control

Our insecticides are necessary when damage from insect pests threatens the survival of your lawn. Our lawn technician will be on the lookout for any pesky pests that may need immediate attention.

About our product: Many key surface feeding pests including annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs and caterpillars

Introduced to the green industry in 2008, DuPont™ Acelepryn® insecticides provide lawn care professionals and golf course superintendents reliable and consistent control of grub, Japanese beetle, caterpillar and many other key surface feeding pests.

  • First and only grub control product that based on acute toxicology testing was not required by the EPA to include a Signal Word on the label.
  • Lowest water solubility (1.0 PPM) of any registered grub control product
  • Lowest application rate (0.1 lb ai/acre) ever utilized for grub control.
  • Low impact on non-target organisms including birds, honey bees, fish and mammals.
  • Llassified as reduced risk by the US EPA and by the Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

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  • The key to an insect-control lawn is consistent service and analysis.
  • Our lawn technician will check for the presence of insects each visit.
  • An ounce of prevention is all you need to stop a pesky insect problem in its tracks.

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