An ounce of prevention via regular roof raking will save you the costly repairs of fixing water damage to your interior ceilings and walls, electric fixtures, artwork, etc. We recommend roof raking anytime there is more than 4″ of snow on your roof – in any area. Regular roof raking ensures that ice dams will not form (assuming you have no air leaks causing or adding to the problem).

Click here for a detailed explanation of how ICE DAMS form.

We recommend that you simply remove the snow that causes the problem. Sometimes ice melting is what is needed, but that is only when there are severe ice dams forming. If you stay on top of it, it will never get to that level. We recommend that you rake your roof whenever there is 4″ or more snow on your roof using non-abrasive plastic shovels and plastic or aluminum roof rakes. The only area that you really need to remove the snow from is your roof-line – going up 4′-6′ from your fascia. Some homes have other trouble areas, like sky lights, and you can simply clear around and below these known trouble areas. You should also clean-up the fallen snow from the paved areas when you are done clearing the roof areas – honestly, this is the hardest part of the job!

We can help! Let us do all the work above and you can relax. Rates for Roof Raking and Deck Shoveling: $90.00/hour/person – job minimum is $100. Most jobs, when done consistently as needed, range in price from $180-$360. We apologize, however due to unpredictable conditions, we do not provide estimates for this service. We offer service ala carte/on-call or fast and easy automatic response all winter season long.

To schedule service, please request an estimate by clicking here. If you have any questions click here or call us at 952-746-8280.

This service is open to our current clients in Edina, Eden Prairie and west Bloomington, MN.